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A word that isn't an official word in the dictionary but one that someone would recognize and understand it's meaning. Either regularly used or made-up on the spot. Often slang.
Parallenym examples: quid, l33tster, motor broating, fat angst, benk, mutha, shit creek, tltr, hump day, ect
by Ur Mom goes 2 college January 02, 2010
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Like a hipster, someone who thinks they're really cool and better than everyone else by trying really hard to be different possibly through unconventional means. They think of themselves as being l33t.
Ted: Did you know frank uses QQ?
Rob: Yeah he thinks he's so l33t

Ted: More like l33tster...
Rob: More like l33tster...

Ted: Jinx!
Rob: OMG you got me!
by Ur Mom goes 2 college December 28, 2009
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Like motor boating but to a nut sack. When a man puts their lips and places then in between two testicles and blows with tight lips soaked in saliva while shaking their head back and forth in a quick-like motion. The effect is the sound somewhat similar to a motor boat.
Mike: check out that nut-meal.
Aaron: motor broating that all morning long and probably late into the night sounds like fun. If my lips are a boat then I have a full tank of gas.
by Ur Mom goes 2 college November 23, 2009
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