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An amazing state with more than just the city. Upstate new york does not include

longisland. It is a farming region of new york. Has beautiful scenery,

waterfalls, streams, rivers, ect. New york is the home of the real bagels and

real(new york style) pizza. It is also home of the new york coney island dog.

Has a strong dutch, italian, greek ancestry. Uses the word wicked. Has high

taxes is a expensive and ritzy area. And is beautiful. Yes there are quite a few

rude and uncivilized people. Is not nearly as racist as southern states(TEXAS).

Is very interested in fashion and keeping themselves looking nice.
I moved from new york to texas and was creeped out by their hospitality.
I want to flip off everyone that cuts me off becaus im from new york.
I hate southern states where they marry their sisters and cousins.
I say wicked.
Happy that when i moved back i was flipped off when i cut someone off.
by Upstate New Yorker June 11, 2009

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