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Possibly the worst genre of music. It consists of a asshole banging out "blast beats" on his drum set, a bassist that you can't even hear and a guitarist playing the crappiest riffs possible.

The vocals sound like some dude puking razors or something.

Death Metal fans are fucking faggots that will never get laid and they hate everybody that doesn't listen to death metal. They have some sort of strange hatred towards fans of hip hop and nu metal.

Death Metal fans say that anyone that listens to nu metal or metalcore would be scared to death if they heard a death metal song. No they would just laugh there ass off like everyone else does.
Steve - Listen to this Death Metal song isn't it so brutal? I bet if a nu-metal kid heard this he'd shit himself in fear.
Me: No he would just laugh at how bad this crap is.
Steve: You just don't understand real metal.
Me: No I just have good taste in music.
by Undertow0101 January 15, 2010

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