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The car that every teen gets from there parents because it's "safe" but in reality, it's so fucking bland and boring. Say one day you ask for your 17th birthday a nice, and luxurious car, and reliable, and fast car, then on your 17th birthday, you get a damn Toyota Camry, it's really annoying considering the fact that you always wanted a sports car, like a Chevrolet Corvette, or a Porsche 911, then, in the end, your parents get you a Toyota Camry, then later you get angry at them for not getting the car you want but you don't want to admit it, and then a couple of months later, you've had enough of driving it, then one day, you'll crash it because to you it's a boring car it and then they'll probably ground you because they bought it because it's "SAFE", or they will get you a better car.
Some Guy: Who's the kid who owns that Toyota Camry
Me: I do
Some Guy: Sucks to be you
by Uh Bluh August 23, 2019
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