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LNP, short for Lay and Pray. Lay and Pray is the opposite of ground and pound, the process of getting your opponent on the ground and hitting him. Lay and Pray consists largely of getting your opponent on the ground and stalling a decision the entire fight by LAYING on him and PRAYING to win a decision.

The Lay and Pray was discovered by MMA fighters Tito Ortiz and Ricardo Arona. The term was also coined to describe their fight style, which is quite frankly, the most boring style of fighting in the world and gives new fans a bad impression of MMA
Did you see the Tito Ortiz Wanderlei Silva fight yesterday? OMG it was the worst fight Ive ever seen in my life. Tito Lay'd And Pray'd his way to a decision. Tito is the LNP King
by U-Fight-Cheap November 30, 2006
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