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1. n. A wussified imitation of a vampire who has a strong liking for The Cure and melodramatic moping. They are characterized by refusal to drink human blood, being emotional sissy boys, being whiny and flighty and despite being ancient have the intelectual capacity and emotional makeup of a twelve-year-old girl.

2. n. Any emo Edward Cullen wannabe surburbanite who tries to pull off the "angsty goth" look with clothes they bought at target.
There's a difference between vampires and faggots. Vampires drink blood, turn into bats, sleep in coffins, and burst into flames on contact with the light of the morning sun. Faggots, on the other hand, are whatever Edward Cullen and his vampire crew are supposed to be. Edward is not a vampire as he can not do anything mentioned above and sparkles instead of burning alive in sunlight.
by Two sentient beings November 13, 2010
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