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WOV stands for wipe-only visit. Often, after a night of drinking or eating spicy food, a person might have a minor amount of fecal matter leaking out of their anus. This leakiness can often cause itchiness, underwear stains as well as other non-desireable results. It is at these times that said person may need to visit the bathroom to do things other than urinate or defocate, namely, make a wipe only visit to clean the fecal matter from off of the anus.
After finishing off a twelve pack of Bud Light and an extra spicy burrito the night before, Marc woke up feeling particularly bad. A morning dump wasn't enough to close up his anus and liquid shit continued to seep out. His roommate, Cory, listened the next time Marc went to the bathroom, heard no water on water and asked Marc what was going on. Marc informed Cory that he had just made a WOV.
by Turdly Stellenworth July 10, 2008
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