2 definitions by TurboTercel

Verb; Evolved from the term "nicottene"; The physical need for nicottene through the means of a cigarette. For sake of convience and laziness, "nickin" was adopted.
Hey! I'm nickin! Gimme a damn cig before I cut your damn throat!
by TurboTercel February 13, 2005
Evolved from Playstation; 3/4 the size of a competition notebook; known to play only old Playstation games. Also has the added on ability for mobile play with 5" or 7" LCD screen w/cigarette lighter adapter (only useful feature). *Note: now outdated by NintendoDS and soon to be PSOne handheld.
Yo, is that a PSone?! What a piece of..!
by TurboTercel February 13, 2005