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In American football, when a player unknowingly and unintentionally runs out the back of their own end zone, resulting in a safety. This differs from a traditional safety in the way that the offensive player does not fumble or is physically tackled by an opponent. Coined in reference to Detroit Lion's quarterback Dan Orlovsky running out the back of his end zone against the Minnesota Vikings in the 2008 NFL season.
-"Did you see the game yesterday, the stupid back-up quarterback pulled an Orlovsky safety to lose the game!!"

-"Don't even talk to me about that, it's one of the dumbest plays a professional athlete can make."
by Tuggernuts December 16, 2008

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The sweet, sweet combination of American politics and NCAA basketball. Also, reason #587 as to why President Obama is commonly referred to as "the man"

First coined by Sportscenter during the broadcast of President Barack Obama filling out his 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament Bracket.
The end of March is the best time of the year! It's the only time we all get to experience Baracketology!
by Tuggernuts March 18, 2009

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