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1)When two people are very attracted to one another and never want to leave each others side.
2)When someone says your pressed on a guy or obsessed with him then your in love
or just a stalker.
3)When you can go to them without getting dressed up or wearing make-up;;Both of you share your feelings with one another;;You say "i love you";;You can be yourself !
Guy.1:She's Beautiful !
Guy.2:Yeah i know.
Guy.1:I love her

Girl.1:I called him 6 times and he didn't answer my calls
Girl.2:Your pressed !
Girl.1:I'm in love !
Girl.2:Then i guess you can't help it.

Guy:You look beautiful , i love you.
Girl:Thanks I'm not even ready to go anywhere, i look a mess, but i love you too.
Guy:Well you always look good and you always know how to make me smile.
Girl:Awh thank you babe, i love the way you share you interest.
by True love NUkkA January 21, 2009
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