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Being overwhelmingly lax. A situation involving several lax brahs, a great deal of lax flow, some hetero lax brah - lax brah loving, seersucker and possibly a lax battle. Something is not laxtastic unless it compels an observer to immediately go out and lax it up or grow their hair out, stop wearing shoes, and in extreme situations, only wear practice jerseys whilst rocking the wallet-on-a-lanyard backwards around the neck.

People from Long Island cannot be laxtastic.
Lax Brah 1: Dude, didn't you go to Gark?
Lax Brah 2: Shut up man. I got into Gillman too. I just didn't want to go.
Lax Brah 1: Yeah man, I got into Park, but I'm just not, like, arty.
Lax Brah 2: Fuck you man! I was all Baltimore County! You didn't even start at Gillman!
Lax Brah 1: Bro, I would have been all county if I had played for Gark.
Observer: This is laxtastic!
by Trix Coug April 16, 2008

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