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The best school in the state of Virginia, William and Mary has a rich tradition of being better than the polo-wearing tools from the University of Virginia. The College, as it is often known, is where the smart kids from high school go to be surrounded by like-minded people who think activism, volunteering, and studying receive priority over partying (that's not to say there are no parties -- it's a college, so beer-pounding parties can be found every weekend). The College is a place where underachievers bitch about not getting in and washouts bitch about not getting out. There are many critics of the College who criticize the studiousness of students there -- that is only because some people forget the ultimate goal of college is to get an education, not a drinking problem. William and Mary is a place to go if you want to challenge yourself during the week and get the "college experience" during the weekend. Hark!
William and Mary has a good balance between getting shit done (i.e., studying and actually learning, social and political activism, and volunteering) and getting the "college experience" (i.e., going to the countless frat parties in the units Friday and Saturday night, drunkenly stumbling back to your dorm from Ludwell, and sneaking onto the grounds of the Governor's Palace in the middle of the night). Hark!
by Tribesman December 10, 2011

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