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Ahhh... What can I say about the ole ACC? This is a company of management who are more interested in making it appear they are getting the job done, but just want to talk about how to make things better. They claim the employees are their most important resource and yet continue to treat them like and pay them crap. Managements' biggest fear?... Change. Although it is never heard, they leave the impression their motto is "Maintain the status quo."
If you decide to work there, good luck. If you already do work there... I am so sorry for you. What ever you do, make sure you keep your initiative and ideas in check, because it will only make you look bad. And for God's sake, don't try to look after the employees as that is frowned upon.
The management at Atlantic Call Centres have perfectly good legs. They just haven't been taught how to use them.
by Towdah July 26, 2007
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