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a person willing to defend and promote the object of his affection regardless of fact and objectivity. This encompasses everything from technological items like PC's and game consoles to gearheads and fishing fanatics.
Nintendo fanboy: Wii is better than PS3 and X360!

Gearhead: Greddy exhaust is way better than Dynomax!

Fisherman: Fly fishing rods by St. Croix are the best!

Golfer: If it's not a Calloway, its not a club!
by Tony Monteleone July 06, 2006
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A geek condition, where instead of talking in the forum, chat, etc, an individual will throw links out.
<firstd00d> what do you think about football?
<2ndd00d> www.nfl.com/football rox
<firstd00d> well, what do you think about President Bush?
<2ndd00d> www.moveon.org/bushsux
<firstd00d> thats a pretty bad case of linkitis, mate.
by Tony Monteleone May 10, 2006
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