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The surf-licious way to say "yeah." May or may not (judging by the context) include a connotation of "your an idiot!" or "HELL yes!" Note: that when emphasising your attack on your buddy's foolish remark, you should enunciate the "ch" part of the word, possibly even holding it for a moment longer
"So are we gonna go snowboarding tomorrow?" "Chya! (We are!)"
"So wait is the sky REALLY blue?"
"Chya! (Ya retard!)"
by Tommy aka The King of Cali February 10, 2004

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The verbal onomotopoetic equivalent of the (silent) sound made by a hip thrust or a hump. Can be used interrogatively, or also as an exclaimation.

Note on pronounciation: the "zsh" sound is virtually impossible to portray using classical pronounciation guides. Here are instructions: almost clench your teeth as though you were to say "shhhh," then try to make a buzz sound WHILE saying "shh" and keeping the same form, it may help if the very tip of your tongue touches the roof of your mouth.
Gzsh? Hell yes! Let's!
Hey remember that time when I was like GSZH!!! *Gzsh*
by Tommy aka The King of Cali February 11, 2004

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