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Anymation is term that covers whole new unnamed territory of animation techniques. Base of this word is fact that in this time of many, many different animation software anybody, with anything, can animate.
Lots of movie festivals today have sections named like "hybrid animation", meaning that movie was made in different techniques, often meshed up with real footage.
Hybrid animation is future of animation so it deserve it's own name.
Very important is social aspect, too; there is no clear border between home and big studio's animation anymore, excellence in technical quality is possible to reach even on middle range home computer.
Further more, with Anymation, story is center of movie making - it isn't matter what software author use, all what matter is get the story done.
- In which technique you made this animation? It is so original.
- In many. With anything story need. It is original, but anybody can do something like that. No unreachable software here.
-So, this is hybrid animation?
-Yes, but if anybody, anywhere with anything can do it, it is Anymation.
by Tom Jantol June 22, 2007
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