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WAAFI (Wah-Fee):

WAAFI is a jackass video, a religion, a hate group, a local T-Shirt company in East Northport/Northport, a politcal party, a state of mind, and a gang.

The Jackass Video: A coalition of bored kids in the area doing stupid stuff on camera.

The Religion: Nullness. We put a face on atheism.

The Hate Group: We hate Roman Catholics. Why? ...umm... why not?

The T-Shirt Company: WAAFI makes unique T-Shirts. No two are the same.

The Political Party: We push for a bureaucratic dictatorship. Not for the USA or anything - we want control Northport High School.

The State of Mind: It's equal to being stoned, yet being sober at the same time. A state of nirvana that only the elite can reach.

The Gang: We dont really do anything big. Our turf is Taco Bell and Wendy's. We also have partial control over stoner spots such as Tiny's. Our hand signals are extending the middle, pointer and thumb, and tilting your hand a little sideways to form a "W". Our other one is done by making a "V" shape with both middle and pointer fingers, then bringing them together (overlapping a little) to form a "W".
The Jackass Video: "Dude, did you check out the new WAAFI video?"

The Religion: "I'm a WAAFIst, cracka"

The Hate Group: "I'm a member of WAAFI, and I disslike you greatly."

The T-Shirt Company: (T-Shirt example)"Alcohol Kills - Take LSD"

The State of Mind: "WAAFI, dude... WAAFI..."

The Gang: "WAAFI pwns j00"
by Tom Hatzfeld April 30, 2005

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