1 definition by Todd X. Reynard

A highly contagious virus that infects the pigmentation of one's hair, turning it red. To date, 4% of the world's population, or 120,000,000 people, convey this contagion. There is yet to be a cure.

Standard countries that currently house the virus include the United Kingdom (most notably Scotand), Northern Ireland, Canada, The United States, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland.

Common carriers of the Vulpine Flu include gingers, daywalkers, foxes, orangutans, and other red-headed beings.
The Vulpine Flu's origins trace back to the early history of the United Kingdom, a country with many redheads.

The Vulpine Flu takes its name from the red fox (canus vulpis), a woodland animal with sleek red fur. Many, including the Ancient Japanese, believed redheads to be foxes turned human, and as a result, redheads were absent from culture until Mary Magdalene and Queen Elizabeth II.

by Todd X. Reynard April 28, 2009
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