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Similar to the phrase "D'oh!", pulling a "tuxford" generally means that you have done something totally moronic such as rebooting a live server with 50k odd users on at the same time instead of the testing server you THOUGHT you were rebooting.

What makes a "tuxford" different from a "D'oh!" is that you have to reboot the live server with a 60 second notice to save your work instead of a 30 minute notice, AND cancel the shutdown before it actually happens. If you accomplish a tuxford, expect constant and endless ridicule over your server administration skills, endless memes using your name amongst your user base, and including having your name used as an urbandictionary.com entry.
1. Tuxford accidentally the whole server.

2. It happened BECAUSE OF TUXFORD.

3. In CCCP, cluster restarts Tuxford.
by Tobin Shalim January 20, 2010

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