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1.A town in northern California, population of about 50,000, that resides about 45 minutes from the great city of San Francisco. Many rich people, as this town is in the famously overpriced Marin County, second richest county in the country. Consists mostly of old, retired people that like to yell at bored, usually high, teenagers and familes raising multiple children under the age of 10. Not much to do other than go to parks, Vintage Oaks, and Century Rowland Theater. Most teenagers end up spending their time partying, high, or spending nearly every weekend in San Rafael, San Francisco, or Tahoe. A nice place to grow up but most people get out right after graduating from either San Marin High or Novato High (Novato being superior), the majority ending up at Santa Rosa JC, Chico, or UC Santa Cruz. Everyone ends up back in Novato.

2.A Town commonly mistaken as Nevada in conversations.
1. You grew up in Novato? Where the hell is that?

2. I live in Novato.
by Tina from Da Bay March 09, 2008
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