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Main entry: H.A.R.M. or HARM
Pronunciation: \ˈhärm\

an acronym for "Hot And Ready, Man"

1a. an attractive person one has intentions of sleeping with
1b. used to describe oneself
2. an incredibly accurate appendage (i.e. arm or hand) used in sports
1a. "What about her? She looks pretty H.A.R.M."
1b. "Tonight, I'm feeling pretty H.A.R.M."
2. "Everything I shot went in—I couldn't miss. My hand was just H.A.R.M."
by Thomasaurus April 27, 2010

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"Drink! the game" was invented in Lawrence, KS, in the fall of 2009.

"Drink! the game" is a game with few rules. Only one, in fact: You tell the people around you to drink. If they don't, they're not your friend anymore. If they do, they're awesome.

Conversely, everyone else (as long as they are also drinking) can order you to drink. And, as per the rule, you have to drink, too.

The point is not to overdo it. If you tell people to drink too often, you a jerk and no one will want to play "Drink!" with you.
Person A to everyone: "Drink! the game" is on.
Person B to Person C: Drink!
Person A to Person D: Drink!
Person C to Person A: Drink!
Person D to everyone: All drink!
by Thomasaurus April 19, 2010

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