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Tea Party Patriots are American citizens whose mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize their fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with their three core values of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. The impetus for their movement is excessive government taxing, spending, and borrowing.

They are one of several organizations that are part of the broader Tea Party political movement that was initiated by 2008 Republican presidential primary candidate Ron Paul (currently a U.S. Representative from Texas). Since that time, it has broadened to include a wide range of Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, and independents who agree on this mission and these core values although they may disagree on many other political issues. This is to be expected, give the narrow scope of their core values that focus primarily on economic issues.
Tea Party Patriots believe that fiscal responsibility by government honors and respects the freedom of the individual to spend the money that is the fruit of their own labor.
by Thomas Cushing April 16, 2010

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