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1 definition by Thomas Bruebaker

A large van or SUV used to haul many people - usually children. Frequently 15 passenger vans these "tanks" are seen headed to school, grocery store, soccer games, baseball games, hockey games, youth activities, church, etc... and then to home all in one day. Some times mistaken for Polyg (said pol lig) Rigs commonly associated with "fundamentalist mormons" who have no association to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Son: Look at that huge van Mommy is that a Mormon Assault Vehicle?

Mom: No dear thats just a Soccer Mom who has too much money and not enough sense to drive an earth friendly vehicle.

Son: But why are Mormon Assault Vehicles ok - don't they ruin the environment too?

Mom: Because they actually use all of the seats so their ppp (pollution per person) rate is actually very low. They breed like rabbits so its more economically feasible to have a large vehicle. Now finish up your Mickey D's and lets hop in our rice burner to get to Wally's World.
by Thomas Bruebaker August 28, 2007
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