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A made for Tv "sport" which usually involves some incredibly large men (usually on as many drugs each as a whole pro cycling team) running into each other and then standing around for about 5 minutes while the commentators discuss how well it was defended and how they were lucky to advance even a yard. And then there'll be some action and then later someone will run across a line at the end of the field amid much excitement. Meanwhile any person not called "Bubba" or "Chuck" will be asleep. That why games are scheduled to be on in the middle of the night in the UK, it's part of a govornment program to cure insomnia.
All this and they have the nerve to steal OUR name for real football and then call it boring! AT LEAST OUR SPORT DOESN'T STOP FOR AD BREAKS!
"Hey Bubba, let's do somthing fulfilling and worthwhile with our lives!"

No, Chuck. Let's watch American Football insted!
by Thom Yorke July 22, 2004

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