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A modern day hippie, someone who incorporates both urban and hippie lifestyles. An urban hippie may listen to hip hop, but also smoke blunts underneath trees while wearing sandals. He/she has very liberal viewpoints and uses drugs occasionally, and also might use the slang of West Coast rappers naturally. They are street smart to survive an urban atmosphere, and they are not afraid to speak their liberal mind using big intelligent sounding words and gangsta lingo as well. An Urban Hippie may be any race or gender. They are also the tightest people you will ever meet.
When I am riding in my chevy listening to Dr. Dre's The Chronic while wearing my rainbow sandals and "Let's Hug It Out" shirt, I feel like the Urban Hippie that I am. Oh, and i'm smoking weed simultaneously. (=

plur, dawg
by Thizzelicious October 16, 2006
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