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In terms of weed it is the process of grinding or breaking up weed and packing it in a bong-- You're expected to kill the bowl in one hit in most cases, since the weed is grinded up it burns quicker and therefore makes it possible for one person to burn an entire bowl in a single hit. This however will tear the SHIT out of your lungs but will get you fuckin zooted!
Guy#1: "He sales chronic-ass budd for hella cheap though!"

Guy#2: "Yeah but he's only selling shake"

Guy#1: "Its chill bro we'll just pack some snaps" :)
by ThizzWalker November 13, 2007

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Coined by the Sacramento Crip rapper, Brotha Lynch Hung, 'sicc' is the state of mind in which a person is prone towards paranoia, psychosis, agression and violence: one can aquire this state or rather some experience this from being really fucking high off bomb-ass weed.
'It wouldnt work with out that sicc so page a nigga quick so I can serve you some of that shit and have you murdering your bitch' --Brotha Lynch, Siccmade
by ThizzWalker November 13, 2007

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