9 definitions by Thevideoguy

It’s when you decide to sue a pizza. Also if you sue a piece of food, you need to rethink your life choices.
I’m going to be suing pizza
by Thevideoguy June 28, 2019
Osu means no osu, osu should be banned
by Thevideoguy November 22, 2018
Amogo is another word used in among us at times, similar to the word sus but not memed.
That’s a bit amogo
by Thevideoguy June 1, 2021
(I) (D)on’t (K)now Why
by Thevideoguy January 28, 2019
The infinite dab is a dance in fortnite and the best geometry dash level ever
by Thevideoguy January 13, 2019
The snail gang is a group of people that really like snails. They go around everywhere and shout snail
by Thevideoguy January 9, 2019
An moderator inside a block game called Geometry Dash. He is also known for making the Toxin Lab Series. He is also an epic gamer.
Xaro is epic
by Thevideoguy November 6, 2019