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A vernacular term for heroin (diacetylmorphine HCl) used most frequently in the Baltimore/DC ''High Intensity Drug Trafficking'' area.

synonymous with, and possibly a contraction of "Blows" (not to be confused with "Blow").

It is usually used to describe the most prevalent local variety of heroin, which is often presented as a mixture of 16-35% diacetylmorphine, ~15% mannose (sometimes lactose), 20-30% quinine hcl, and diphenhydramine or cimetadine. The latter three of these excipient ingredients are understood to function as antihistamines, anti-catabolic potentiators, and "taste-imitators".

The word can also be used in it's verb form to refer to the act of self-administration. e.g., to "get low"
Individual A:

"Yo mang, we f**king Aced that Laplacian Electrostatics final! We should celebrate seven thirty mang."

Individual B:

"we should get low as f**k. lets hit the trap--ima call mah boy an let him know it's a bill eighty."

Individual A:

"oh snap, thas like 22 bags of low. lets smash out!"
by TheeSkepticalChymist January 05, 2010

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