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The number signified by the omnipotent god Dylonian of Suchomelic lore, Creator of the universe and satisfier of many women. Some myths say that he was the flash back in college others say he slayed the mighty Krakken of Zuma beach late in the 21st century. He even crosses over into Greek Mythology from time to time; for example, Odysseus slayed the cyclops using the mighty "Spear of Dylonian" which was of course the same spear used to slay the Krakken of Zuma Beach centuries later (though it was not famed yet for being his then, Dylonian claims he used that very spear). Some even say he lives among us today hunting the elusive water nymph "Kc" and weaving intricate tales of falsehoods that are undetectable to mere mortals, except for a select few....
Dylonian went to an orgy last night that involved 30 people, he satisfied all 29 of those women thoroughly and then he told his friends there were 90 of them that were simultaneously tattooing him and he was then sleeved on both arms with the #58 (which he was not).
by The_Truth5858 August 14, 2011
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