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A name given in South Korea to a perfection who was born in 6th May 1992 a.k.a my husband. Sorry
Baekhyun is the type of guy who's easy-going with his surrounding and not afraid to meet new people. But no worries to be his girlfriend. He may seem close to girls but the moment you caught his heart, there will be no way out for him. So, if you meet a Baekhyun, don't let him go. Cause he's a keeper girlll

But hey don't misunderstood him as to will never leave you. He's a keeper, but you shouldn't kick too many balls at him. Cause he got his limit too

He's a wholesome package of boyfriend material that girls need. He has the personality, the face, the body, and he truly loves one girl. So let's search for our Baekhyun
"Do you mind marrying me, Baekhyun ?"
by TheWifeOfBaekhyun April 13, 2018
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