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Biebtard: Annoyingly overzealous fan of Justin Bieber who follows blindly.

They can often be found:

1) Spamming the Net with Bieber propaganda

2) Changing a completely unrelated topic of conversation to Justin Bieber
3) Reacting to any criticism of "Biebz" with pure hatred. While normal, rational fans of Justin Bieber have a sense of humor, Biebtards do not. Be cautious, they are contagious.
Man: WHOA!! Did you know Kiss 92.5 is giving away WHAM BAM 2010 Tickets in a few minutes?? They posted it as a status on Facebook!! :P

Woman: Yeah, but I barely read it because somebody spammed comments about how they love Justin Bieber and want to have his babies...

Man: ...What a Fucking Biebtard! :O
by TheRevolutionD May 31, 2010

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