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A coastal town in Massachusetts notorious for rude residents, snobby yuppies, bad drivers, and very expensive everything. Marblehead has a reputation for having a very large teen drinking problem, often stinking of mary jane, a lousy school system, and roving gangs of foul-mouthed 11 year olds. Upon entering Marblehead, you'll notice the town attractions including: Not being able to park anywhere, your car being vandalized, 9 year olds bumming for tobacco, 15 year olds harrassing you outside of 7/11, and the summer Arts Festival in July. If you are interested in visiting Marblehead, please stick your head in a sandbox and take a deep breath in. You will be spared the horrible nightmare that is Marblehead.
People will willingly hit kids on bikes and laugh about it. It happens regularly.

Also, the same (x) amount of families have lived there for ever, and hardly anyone goes in or out. Marblehead is an inbred hick-town disguised as a upper-middle class suburb.

And yes, there are also a large number of unreported incest cases.
by TheMheadMagician May 04, 2011

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