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'MLP FiM' Stands for the show, 'My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic'. Watching the show- any episode, to be specific, can turn a male age 12-30 into a 'brony', or someone who likes the show and contributes to the large fan-base. This show has almost a million fans and is growing daily. DO NOT WATCH THIS SHOW UNLESS IF YOU DON'T MIND BECOMING A DIE HEART FAN. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
"Hey brony, what's up?"
"Nothing, just watching MLP FiM."
"Cool, me too!"

"Who's your favorite character from MLP, FiM?"
"Twilight Sparkle, of course!"
"Silly, that's not how you spell Pinkie Pie!
by TheIntelligentBrony June 02, 2011
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