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British Synth-Pop artist who became popular in 1980 with the release of her single "Kids In America" followed by her self-titled album which released a year later. Until her fifth album, "Another Step," all of her songs were written by her father and brother and in her fourth album "Teases and Dares" there are even a few songs which she wrote herself. Most of her works consist of a unique blend of synthesizers and guitars which sets itself apart from most other music of the period. She is still popular in Europe and released her latest album, "Never Say Never" in 2006.
Person 1: Check out this new Cascada song "Kids In America!"

Person 2: No man! The Muffs wrote it!

Me: You're both wrong! It was written by Kim Wilde!
by TheGuyFromGTA3 January 24, 2010
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