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A person who likes to be dominated and humiliated by people's feet. They will do anything to lick, suck or smell sweaty feet or toes. Most foot bitches also like stinky socks and shoes. Just the sight of feet makes them submissive. Commonly will do housework, chores or humiliating tasks for the reward of feet. They can also be used for money or gifts, by teasing them with your feet and then making financial demands. Likes to be dominated, humiliated and degraded privately and publicly. Usually only men are foot bitches. Most foot bitches are not allowed to have intercourse with their foot mistress/master. The foot bitch is submissive, weak minded, easily controlled, whimpy.
My boyfriend Rich is a foot bitch! He gives me money and does all the housework while my friends and I tease him with our bare feet! He looks like such a loser when he sniffs our dirty socks and licks our sweaty feet! HAHAHA!
by TheFootBitch September 07, 2010

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