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The meaning of life and reason for everything because there can be no benefit (no significant purpose) where there is nothing to exist for. Often confused for the feelings that arouse it, love only exists when it actually does something, and can only be as deep as the sacrifice it makes. It is better than the feelings and commitment because those things can die, but actually loving a person means choosing them anyway, which will always leave a base for the feelings and commitment to return. Love is not to be confused with: loneliness - a need to be validated by someone else, lust - a strong passion for sexual release, pride - a self prioritizing and self justifying ego, jealousy - wanting to control another person or thing, or, feeling good, because warm, fuzzy feelings can come from drinking alcohol and broken families know alcohol is definitely not love. Love wants what is best, and so, it does what is best for someone, which often keeps it left out of most marriages because most people will only marry a person who gives them what they want rather than someone who does what is best for them. There is a fine line between love and hate because the only difference between love and hate are the sides on which they stand; "To love good is to hate evil." In the end, love never fails; it is the basis for everything we do and all of our reasons. Love wins.
"I did not scold him for his mistake because I love my son more than the things he breaks."

"Greater love has none than this, that he lay down his life for his friend."

"Why do I spend time with my kids? I love them, that is why."
by TheFatalHeart November 30, 2012

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