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An official electric snowman occurs when one pinches a ripe loaf into the toilet, hereby clogging the toilet. One then proceeds to position the appropriate female of his choice over the bowl of the toilet so that she is in the reverse piledriver position with her head downward. One then proceeds to penetrate the sphincter while plunging his partners head into the clogged toilet. When one is good and ready to unload he flushes the hopefully well clogged toilet thereby only increasing the torment (or the pleasure depending on your fetish) of his partner as the poop water only rises. It adds a definite kick to your orgasm. Try it out, you'll see what I mean.
Friend #1: Hey, how was your date last night with Jenny?
Friend #2: Oh it was absolutely great, Jenny wanted to spice up our sex life, and I happened to have pinched a fat log so naturally I suggested we do an electric snowman. She was totally into it.
by TheElectricSnowmanFiend July 12, 2006
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