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Intolerant of another's views. This is a mentality that is often associated with cliques and coteries. A narrow-minded person will even accuse someone of being "stupid" or ((name some other bad trait here, even "narrow-minded" itself!)) the other person who expresses a viewpoint or reason for believing otherwise than the narrow-minded one's views. Or, in some cases, a narrow-minded person might even go to the extreme of primate-like behavior, such as throwing food or insults at the other person, because the narrow-minded one doesn't have a cohesive argument to counteract what the other had said in the discussion or debate.

Interesting thing: people who accuse others of being narrow-minded are often quite narrow-minded themselves.

cliques, coteries, narrowminded, narrow minded, narrow-minded, narrow mind, intolerant
Aura hurled food, insults, and other sorts of shit at Anne because the two women didn't agree. (Aura did that because she can't stand anyone who wouldn't believe the same thing as she does, or refuses to flatter her.) Aura's very narrow minded.
by TheDragonessa December 17, 2005

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