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Hanson is a band that emerged from their Tulsa, Oklahoma home with talent, real and indisputible talent, and they have made a career for themselves on that talent. There are still plenty of people who are Hanson fans, and even more who are but won't admit it. Yes, they are most famous, and infamous, for singing MMMBop before Tay hit puberty and having long blonde hair that, yes I admit, sometimes made Tay look like a girl. BUT, it has been 8 freaking years since MMMBop and Middle of Nowhere, and Hanson has changed and grown, just like SOME of you. So if you feel the need to say that Hanson are girls to justify the thoughts in your head about how hot you think Taylor is, go right ahead. But we who know better, those who actually recognize and have respect for talent, will just keep laughing at your pathetic attempts to ruffle our feathers or get us to change our minds about our musical interests. Besides, we have way better insults than "They look like girls!" or "They're gay!" *rolleyes* Yeah that takes skill.
Loser: Hanson? That one that looks like a chick is frickin gay!
Hanson fan: You mean Taylorbelle? Yeah probably, but at least he has his scarves.
by The wonderful Apie of cheese October 03, 2005

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