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A normal looking girl that when she gets to Kunsan AB ROK, she instantly become a ton hotter, as women are hard to come by here. The normally get followed around by a bunch of dudes cock blocking one another hoping they can be next inline to get to fuck the sloot. A good chance exists that she has the clap, or any of the STD's that are out their. Bitches like this if left unattended and not dealt with become the Hottest chick at Kunsan
Bro 1: hey man look at that stupid Kunsan Queen, she thinks she is the shit.

Bro 2: I know man if were back in the states I would never fuck that ugly bitch...I would not even piss on her if she were on fire.

Bro 1: Fuck dude look, its the Hottest chick at Kunsan and her bitch man!!
by The man of legends June 12, 2008

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A female who in general likes to fuck. She can be bought, bartered for, or for free. Hangs out all over the world, but they gather in large numbers at the 4 floors of whores. Will fuck even if your roommate is in the room sleeping, only feet away. At times their shorts have stains on them, and oddly enough their clothes can be worn by your fiends. Mostly they love funyuns, and talking to one another in their mysterious language.

It is pronounced: sluut...with the long drawl of the u.
Dude 1: Hey bro whats up?

Dude 2: Nothing man, I am tired as hell as I just finished fucking my sloot.

Dude 1: I hope you wrapped it.
by The man of legends June 12, 2008

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