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When a large erect penis is placed carefully and neatly across the face of a stranger and dragged until euphoria is caused and sometimes death .

Originally derived from ancient chinese culture, the spongebob'd is similar to a rick roll , often times santorum or spermy fecal matter is involved in homosexual activity of this word.

Nevertheless, it's never a good thing to be spongebob'd.

It has been officially decided that long term cigarette smoking is safer than spongebob'd ing someone. Patrick is a Dickhead BTW
Devante-Last night terry was going to teabag this bitch at this restaurant, we were so high that instead he pulled out his jolly roger and instead of putting it in her sweatbox, he spongebob'd her.

George- Damn , did she live
by The amazing penis July 22, 2011
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The clean feeling that you get when you both piss and take a shit at the same sitting , then look down at the bowl and feel lighter.
John- I had a Good Shit earlier

Brad- Wow , way to lose a few pounds
by The amazing penis July 25, 2011
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When a man expels his love nectar inside of a womans vagina and she squeezes it out slowly. What i do to your mom daily. I am your father
Jill got freaky and wanted me to creampie that pussaayyyyy . so i did :)
by The amazing penis July 25, 2011
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