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Nolanites are obsessive fans of the Director Chris Nolan. (In particular, his take on the Batman franchise)
They worship him like a God and refuse to accept any criticism on his behalf.

Most Nolanites have seen all 3 movies in the Dark Knight trilogy, but have never picked up a comic book or watched a single Batman cartoon in their lives, yet in their eyes, Nolans word is final when it comes to Batman Mythology.

They will not accept that Nolan might have made some errors in his films and that certain aspects in his films do not compare to the comic book original.

They also foolishly compare any comic book movie to TDK and have nothing but pure hatred for other movies such as The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-man (Even though they are not related and aren't even DC related!)
Guy 1: Hey man, did you see The Avengers?

Guy 2: The Avengers? That movie is the worst thing on the planet! Chris Nolan should have directed it and put in Batman!

Guy 1: Geez man, you're such a Nolanite!
by The Yeldarbinator July 24, 2012

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