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Does not apply to console gaming

(PC Gaming)
The tell-tale sign of a bad player.

Typically in any online video game, (usually an MMORPG or any other game where you have a lot of different abilities) where instead of keybinding (the act of making your abilities bound to a letter on the keyboard), you painstakingly look through each on of your moves and physically click the on them in order to preform them.

This is a terrible habit, and is almost always frowned upon by "pro " players, quite simply because clicking your abilities is at least 100x slower then moving your finger slightly to the right to press the R button in order to kill someone, especially when you have a million different buttons to press and the situation requires you to press them quickly.

Keybinding your abilities will improve how good you are at any PC video game by an unmeasurable amount.

A "Clicker" is a common derogatory term for someone who clicks their spells, or for someone who sucks so bad that they could possibly be clicking, although they are not. (rarely used as form two)
A player with their moves bound to their keyboard will have upwards of 100% faster reaction time then someone who is clicking their abilities.

Example 1:

Person 1: So yeah this is how I play (typical MMO), isn't it sweet Im getting really good at this game.
Person 2: Wait you click your moves?
Person 1: Yeah ... doesn't everybody?
Person 2: Noob.

Example 2:

Clicker: WTF!
Experienced Player: What?
Clicker: This guy keeps on owning me before I can even react! How is he so good?
Experienced Player: Well what are your keybindings like? Are they comfortable?
Clicker: Keybinds?
Experienced Player: Noob.
by The Voltaire of Gaming February 13, 2011
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The Horde was branded the "cool" faction by fat, acne ridden, basement dwelling, lifeless nerds. The number of points in damage they can do is directly proportional to the number of times they spend masturbating alone in the dark. They supposedly win every PvP fight, and are always the first to kill the big dragon. (Bullshit)

PvP: Top arena teams are almost always consisted of Alliance players, and if you are one of those faggots who think that BG's take more skill then arena, most battle groups are balanced in terms of Alliance vs Horde win loss ratios. In actuality the horde dominates just as many battlegroups as the alliance. But hordies love to brag, and thus are "L33T"

PvE: As for PvE the number one alliance guild is only a hair behind the number one horde guild. But your chances of getting into ANY of the top guilds in the world is slim to none, unless you cast away that useless thing you call a life into the gutter. In PvE, Alliance vs Horde progression is completely dependent on your server.

Personality: There is a common misconception that all Alliance players are 13 years old, but those people make up a small portion of the alliance. Although the horde is generally more mature then the alliance, that isn't to say that you aren't going to run into your fair share of retards. People on the horde tend to believe they are the best at everything, and never take anyones advice, regardless of how good it is.

If you are a girl you will be hit on/molested constantly.
Example 1:

Random message board/youtube video featuring alliance players.

Alliance Player: Cool video/post! I learned a lot, can you tell me what addons your using?

Poster: @coolguy11 Sure its blah, blah, blah

Alliance Player: Awesome thanks!


Poster: @Inuasha1 dude chill

ArrogentProGAYmer: You are an idiot and will never be good, noob

Poster: @eliteshaman31 umm okay...

Example 2:

Dude1: Dude did you hear?
Dude2: No what?
Dude1: Paragon just downed (boss x)!!!
Dude2: so?
Dude2: Yeah... best at PvE.... thats like being the best at call of duty.

Example 3:

Alliance Guy: I would take annoying kids over basement dwelling, mouth breathing, neck beards any day of the week.

Horde Guy: *alt tabs out of 4chan and/or puts down hentai* Yeah but you guys fucking suck
by The Voltaire of Gaming February 13, 2011
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