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An individual who consumes, nay attacks, a buffet with the vigorous and unrelenting nature of someone fighting for their very life.

Leaving the table(s) both empty as well as damaged, these people leave nothing but napkins in their wake and chill the soul of restauranters who offer 'all you can eat'.
Thomas: "Holy Spaghetti Monster, that person must be hungry! Look at her pile up her plate!"

Mr Sweden: "Oh yes, she's a true Buffet Slayer"

Thomas: *shrieks in fear*

Mr Sweden: *urinates self whilst frantically brushing crumbs from jumper*
by The Third Khaaal April 19, 2011
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This term describes the spreading of a female's legs the morning after an evening of vigorous and non-condom-wielding snoo snoo.

The congealed residual baby batter combined with the love lips being 'peeled apart' is comparable to the opening of a toasted cheese sandwich.
Franz: "We just passed out after an exhausting romp!"

Lucile: "Oh god opening my legs this morning was like peeling apart a freshly toasted gouda pocket, a real toasted cheese sandwich."

Franz: "Don't ever talk to me again."
by The Third Khaaal April 19, 2011
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To undertake actions in the style of the distinctive mannerism of a famous individual surnamed "Glazer"; the specific trait in question relates to a context of social networking, in which a notably developed series of comments is 'Glazed' by the addition of an entirely irrelavant and undirected comment or annecdote.
Archie: Just watched Arnie on film4 - Amazing!

Barbara: I love that film - awesome!

Regulus: haha "Get to the chopper" lolz

Smee: Guns, explosions, muscles and puns- perfect!

Barbara: Damn right Smee - perfect friday night viewing!

Archie: "Let off some steam Bennett!"

Dale: Brilliant! Hillarious action! Classic!

Archie: Did you catch it too Dale? Ace!

Glazing: The dog has come back from his walk COVERED in mud. My goodness he has his naughty head on tonight!!

*names and real comments are substituted to protect the innocent*
by The Third Khaaal March 25, 2011
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When someone deficates upon their partner's head and proceeds to gently smear the fecal matter around their scalp.

The results are as if the individual was wearing a wig constructed from peanut butter, and is also deemed to be most enriching.
Jeff: "I woke up today with an foul odour and my head stuck to the pillow!"

Newfoundland: "Oh my goodness! You've been given a peanut butter wig!"

Jeff (gasping): "TO TWITTER!"
by The Third Khaaal June 22, 2011
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