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The male consumes large quantities of deep fried greasy food preferably a King Rib and a Cheese ‘N’ Burger supper with a few pickled onions thrown in for good measure, a few hours later and with a massive turd brewing the male should insert a clear tube from his ass to the other end that is gaffer taped to his girlfriends mouth. When hes ready to shit begins to smear brown sauce and sarsons brown vinegar onto her minge whilst shagging her arse! In true Scottish Style must be wearing jimmy hats and a kilt towel and swigging from a bottle buckie while pummelling his burd In a smelly run down council flat!! When he’s ready to shoot his muck he bursts into ‘Och Aye the noo Jimmy’ or 'You'll never take our freedom'
You know that rank bird Chantelle? Well I went round to her stinking council flat in Pilton and let her have 'The Chipper' big style! She'll be picking bits of cheese 'N' Burger oot her teeth for days!
by The Sweaty Jock August 18, 2009

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