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A retard by definition, currently dating a stripper and mastering the art of mass producing kids. Slave of the evil overlord for his entire life
Oh another kid? Damn you Antikubuki!
by The Slavemaster March 09, 2005
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A mutation of the species swede. The Boldyn grows a jelly stalactite at the ceiling over his sleeping place.
If not busy with its stalactite it usually makes typos in EVE chat, looses ships there or feeds his cat with coffee filters.

Known to dwell in appartments and spend almost its entire life inside.

Daily consumes Cigarrettes (20-40), Coffee (1-2 litres), Hotdogs (10)

Breeding and Propagation:
The male Boldyn is clumsy and confused finding a female which gives him a hard time to get a relationship and reproduce, unlike the Antikubuki which only has to look funny at a female to make babys
You type "liek" a Boldyn today.
You loose ships like Boldyn.
Boldyn is a "niec" person.
by The Slavemaster March 09, 2005
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