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The word Shit is used in many different contexts. Observe:
1. When you recall something you haven't done, eg. Geography homework; it's like "Oh shit!"
2. When you hurt yourself rather stupidly eg. *kicks brick* "Argh... shiiittt!"
3. Laughingly. When someone does something really retarded, eg. *watches friend dive into the paddling pool* "Ahaha shit!"

4. When annoyed by something which is gross or wasting time, or quite literally, shit, eg. *dog has just crapped all over the floor* "Uh, shit!?"
5. When you are really, really riled about something and there is no-one to blame or vent on. "ARGH SHITTT!"
6. Said rather sarcastically or ironically, eg. *laughs with mates, saying "I probs got like 2% on that test!" thinking "yeah right!" and you get it back and you actually did* "Oh shite..."

Shit is crap. Crap is poo. Poo is excretion. Excretion is in the loo. The loo is dirty. Dirty is messy. Messy means to have a mess. Mess needs cleaning up. Cleaning is very shitty. Shitty is the act of being shit.
"Oh shit!", "Oh shat!" and "Oh shite!" are all variants of explaining the shitness of the situation.
Person 1: "That homework was really shitty, I couldn't do it!"
Person 2: "Oh shit, I haven't done it!"
Person 1: "Aww shat, man."
Person 1: "YES! No shit, I just realised mine's at home!"
Person 2: "Oh shit, it IS in for today!"
Person 1: "................ OH SHIT!"
by The Shitlord November 23, 2010
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