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Spirum is the feeling you get when tripping on LSD or magic mushrooms when you think your coming down or leveling out off the trip than suddenly BAM and your tripping again, spirum can last up to a quarter of an hour, witch can be dangerous because you might think about taking more. The word spirum originated in the southwest of England in 1996 in a shed whilst tripping on mushrooms.
Kelvin, I think I'm coming down now......Whoa shit, maybe not. Cuthbert, you've just exspienced spirum.
by The shed January 20, 2014

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A descriptive word implying that the skills u have are far superior to the person ure talkin to.
my skills pwns ures come back when ure pr0.
"m8 remember that time when u pwned me...." "erm no..." "exactly Biznitch u suck my balls. my skills pwns ures.... come back when u can beat ure mum pppfpfpffff U SUCK!!!."
by The Shed April 02, 2006

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