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When you are so worthless that you are not even a fraction of a fart. Thus for, you are a fucking partical of a fucking fart that comes out of Dave's mother fucking ass. In all actuality though, you're not even worth the fucking air that surrounds a fucking fart partical.
Dave :"that mother fucker is mother fucking fart partical, waste of oxygen piece of shit, who needs to be knocked the fuck off of their high horse"
Dani: "let's fucking go."
by The Sabeys March 22, 2018

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Weaing your digglelight on the side of your nugget so #1 you do not blind the other tweekers, but it will also illuminates your flailing ass, so we can find your diggly ass after your done making your flail trail.
"Dude!!! look at Paul, profecting the leanbeam like a seasoned flailer. That diggly genius!"
by The Sabeys March 22, 2018

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kiss my pussy! A few pleasant words that will give you whiplash from a verbal tongue lashing from a savage ass bitch, followed by a royaly perfected bitch slap. And in most cases ends in a board flip and tag up saying "K.M.P" on It, that you would be privileged to have fucker. is also the name for a skate crew that was started by Dylan Payne, the Daughter of the badass dude whom actually came up with "K.M.P" Mr. Farley.
Yo fuckface! You even skate bro? Yeah bitch, you. Give me your muthafucking skateboard. K.m.p Bitch!
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by The Sabeys April 21, 2018

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