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Noun: When a woman has outstretched vagina lips.

Verb (Eagle Lipping): When a man grabs a woman's vagina lips and abruptly pulls down; thus, permanently extending them.
Beth's Eagle Lips are so enormous that she wants to have plastic surgery to become sexually attractive.

The one occasion during which Beth came close to engaging in sexual intercourse, was interrupted by a sharp eagle lipping by a rowdy teenager.
by The Rowdy Teenager April 07, 2009
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Flirted, inserted, squirted and deserted.

When a man/woman hits a "rough patch" and needs to get one off they find a human being capable of sexual intercourse, and proceed to follow the a fore mentioned steps. They flirt, they then insert, following that they squirt (projectile or internally), finally they desert.

Advice: Have a psuedoname prepared, as well as phone number.
Dude i totally broke my streak last night when i F.I.S.D. this girl bad.
by The Rowdy Teenager April 18, 2009
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